How Technology Can Replace Teachers? Some Future Predictions

Technology and scientific method has changed our thinking level and we are less fearful than our ancestors. Nowadays, the technological method is being used in every field of life. Surely, it has revolutionized the sanitary conditions, health problems, production, preservation and the method of teaching. In the current situation, learning foreign languages is quite trouble-free. Indeed, in a click, we can visit the whole the world and we can contact in every corner of the world.

Technology and Human Beings:
The most perusable and important question that is wondering the in minds of the people is that will technology change the method of learning. Will the teacher lose their importance? Completely not, that the connection of human being is very strong and how technology can take place as compared to human beings. But, it is widely accepted that learning with technological methods is quite an essay.

Technology is playing a vital role in students’ life. Nowadays, students are learning with an advanced method. Even little children are interested in technological devices. They are leaning alphabetic words with the help of technology. Indeed, technological devices are being used in institutional places. Not at the primary level, indeed, at a higher level, students can give preference to the latest method of learning.

Method of Learning:
Even the method of exams and assessments are depended on technology. Technological devices are becoming an integral part of human beings. According to some future predictions, technological devices will replace will teacher. Most people are a pessimist and they think that the profession of teaching will lose their importance. We are not a hundred per cent sure that the teacher will lose their importance or not. Yet we can claim that in the next decades, students will able to get the material that they want to get for their dissertation and essay. They will not depend on the teachers to get some information. In a single click, they will get any information.

They will able to solve the entire difficult question in which they are feeling difficulties as well as impossibilities. By following the methods of Bertrand Russell, we cannot claim that what will happen in the future and will the future of the students as well as teachers. However, the future of the learner is quite clear, because, they are independent to access the valuable and beneficial material.

More Intellective and Independent:
IT devices are the most accurate and helpful for the students in order to solve their hurdles and improve their skills. Certainly not, yet it is quite clear that technological devices are playing the role of a good teacher. With the help of artificial intelligence, we are becoming more intellectual and independent. It is very effective and flourishes our weakness as well as mistakes. The basic aim and purpose of the teacher are the transferring of knowledge. Delivering their own knowledge and improving the skills of the students is quite influence able. Sometime coursework writing services are helpful in this regard.

Integral Part of Human Being Life:
However, Technological devices are performing well as compare to the human being. It has self-updating, course material preparation and applying system. It can deliver us information in long life and there will not any feeling of tiredness. With some amazing features, technological teaching methods are quite effective and playing a vital role in the life of learners. Yes, a motivational lecture that a student listens to the IT device and increases his confidence and he can gain success in every field of life.

Future Predictions:
Perhaps, technology will completely replace with a teacher. However, the importance of a teacher will not change. We are hopeful that the teaching profession is very respectful professional and the value of the teacher will not lose with the passage of time. Most people like to answer this crucial question in this manner that they think teachers are the most effective and useful sources of getting information and it should not be replaced with technology. Teachers are more interactive than the digital technology.

However, teachers can understand a lot of problems such as human feeling while technological devices have not felt. I think that technology should change all the ways of working but positively. Then it does not matter what is the professional of teaching or learning. Excluding, its positive consequences are very beneficial and important that we should realize.

Posted by: Chris Greenwalty ❚ December 21, 2019 ❚ Learning


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